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Warranty Policy

Thank you for purchasing your new mattress through one of our independent owner/operators throughout the United States. Our mattresses are handcrafted by humans, with raw materials also produced by humans, so there is always a very limited possibility of a warranty claim resulting from defective materials or a production error.

Most warranty claims actually occur by not matching the correct mattress with the correct consumer.

If you have what is perceived as a warranty claim, please contact the local Mattress By Appointment owner/operator where you made your purchase. They will walk you through the warranty claim process. This process isn’t like getting a root canal. You will be asked a series of questions and may have to take some pictures with your mobile device in order to determine the issue. Once you go through this process, it will be determined if your issue can be fixed or if the mattress actually needs to be replaced.


Return Policy

As long as your mattress remains in the original factory sealed bag, then there are options. If you don’t like the feel, thickness, size, etc. DO NOT REMOVE THE MATTRESS FROM ITS BAG. The local Mattress By Appointment owner/operator who sold you the mattress will gladly offer you options on exchanging your mattress or provide you a credit towards the purchase of a different mattress.

Mattress By Appointment only offers new mattresses for sale to consumers which are top-quality and direct from our factory supplies. Mattress By Appointment DOES NOT OFFER the following: As Is, Factory Seconds, Rubs, Test Rest Returns, Warranty Claims, or any other subset deemed as USED.

It is hard to imagine that there are mattress retailers who offer mattresses that you can “test” for 30, 60, 90, 120, or even 180 days, and still return afterwards. Are these retailers offering a mattress which was “tested” by somebody else before you “tested” it? What happens with the mattress that you “tested”? YUCK.


Delivery Policy

Mattress By Appointment locations typically offer delivery through outside third-party service providers. There is a cost for this service and usually differs based on product(s) being delivered, size of products, and distance driven. Some of our owner/operators have pick-up trucks and may be able to bring the mattress to you for a small fee (time/fuel), but they may need your help bringing your new mattress to your front door, garage, etc. in your home.

Please secure all pets and children before delivery, as the door of your home may be open for a few minutes, and we don’t want a child or pet getting out. Please have a clear pathway to where the mattress is going. If you have an old mattress, then the old mattress should already be removed so the new mattress can easily be installed.