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How Does Muscle Memory Relate to Your Mattress?

How Does Muscle Memory Relate to Your Mattress?What is muscle memory? To answer this question, we need a better understanding of muscle memory. Muscle memory is defined as “the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement”. Some examples of muscle memory are: typing on a keyboard, riding a [...]

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The Evolution of the Mattress| Part 2: The 20th Century - Today

The Evolution of the Mattress| Part 2: The 20th Century - TodayIt goes without saying that the 19th century offered some compelling technologies and happenings in the way of the mattress, and the 20th century brought even more! Pocketed springs were introduced and patented by a Canadian, British-born, engineer named James Marshall (for those of you who aren’t in-the know, [...]

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The Evolution of the Mattress | Part 1: The Neolithic Period - 19th Century

The Evolution of the Mattress | Part 1:  The Neolithic Period - 19th CenturyCan you imagine sleeping on something other than a mattress? Waking up day after day with aches and pains resonating throughout your body? Not me! But had we been around in much earlier times, say about 10,000 years ago, we’d be sleeping on [...]

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Lincoln, NE Mattress Sale - Save 50-80% Off Retail Mattress Store Prices Now

Right near the heart of college-town, Lincoln, NE, is our Mattress By Appointment showroom, stocked with inventory ready to satisfy the buyer with true hometown deals. Our top-of-the line mattress prices are unbeatable while the quality matches that of other top mattress manufacturers nationwide. Two unique aspects of our Mattress By Appointment business plan: 1. We have a showroom, not [...]

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Sleeping Hot: The Primary Cause Of A Poor Night's Sleep

Do you sleep hot?  According to research, sleeping “too hot” is one of the primary causes of a lousy night's sleep.  And according to Consumer Trends “Exclusive Better Sleep Council Research” in March 2017’s edition of “Sleep Savvy”, comfort and support are the most important features in a mattress; with a whopping 60% of consumers surveyed listing a mattress [...]

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Mother Taking Sleep Tips From The Pros

Ahhh…Sleep. What’s not to love, right? But if you’re like me, you’re not getting enough. In my sleep-deprived state one night, I came across this article:    As a mom of two, who also works a 40 hour a week job, I’m perpetually exhausted – and it shows.  I spend a small fortune of [...]

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Mattress By Appointment - Lexington/West Columbia, SC

Our Mattress by Appointment (MBA) West Columbia/Lexington store carries quality private label mattresses that are manufactured by industry leader, Corsicana Bedding, which has been delivering quality and value since 1971.  Corsicana stands behind their products by offering up to a 10-year warranty on their mattresses.  We are proud to inventory the all-new 2017-2018 Mattress by Appointment Private Label Bedding:  MBA [...]

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​Mattress By Appointment Lexington/West Columbia Mattress Store Discounter & Customer Reviews

Mattress By Appointment Lexington/West Columbia Mattress Store Discounter & Customer ReviewsFind the perfect mattress based on your comfort level from a large selection of plush, pillow top, and firm mattresses.  In addition, we carry memory foam, gel memory foam mattresses, and adjustable bases all in the Lexington/West Columbia area.   Eric Toole, Owner/Operator for Mattress By Appointment, Lexington/West Columbia will go [...]

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​Adjustable Beds in Lexington/West Columbia Sale

Adjustable Beds in Lexington/West Columbia SaleMattress by Appointment - Lexington/West Columbia, offers one of the largest selections of adjustable beds in the country.  We take pride in stocking the highly sought after Ergomotion adjustable beds made by Serta®, Leggett and Platt, Tempur-Pedic®, Sealy®, Simmons®, and nearly every brand of adjustable beds available at significant savings through our online store.  You [...]

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Tempur-Pedic Leggett & Platt Beautyrest and Serta Hickory, NC & Conover, NC Mattress Store Locations

Tempur-Pedic Mattresses, Leggett & Platt adjustable beds, Beautyrest mattresses, and Serta mattress sales in Hickory, NC. The Importance of Finding the Right Mattress For You – Mattress By Appointment in Hickory, NC At a minimum, you spend a third of your life sleeping so it makes sense you should have the best mattress to support your body and provide [...]

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