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If You Snooze, Do You Lose?

If You Snooze, Do You Lose?Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep, or at least, we don’t feel like we are. With full-time jobs, children, spouses, after-school activities, grocery shopping, etc., adulting isn’t nearly as cool as I thought it was going to be! With life’s every day stresses, it’s usually more appealing to tap the snooze button when your alarm [...]

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The Importance of Sleep for Children

The Importance of Sleep for ChildrenEvery creature on this earth requires sleep. During early development, sleep is the primary activity of the brain. Like many other things, circadian rhythms, or your sleep and wake cycles, take time to develop. Circadian rhythms are regulated by light and dark, but don’t really begin to develop in babies until they’re about 6 [...]

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Is Your Mattress Protected?

Is Your Mattress Protected?Congratulations! You’ve just bought a new mattress! Not only did you get the mattress, but you got a box spring and a frame too! And I bet you can’t wait to get home and set it up with those fancy Egyptian cotton sheets you bought, and those large, cushy pillows. Ooh! And maybe even a decorative throw [...]

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Suggestions for Superior Slumber

Suggestions for Superior SlumberHow did you sleep last night? Did you know that your ability to sleep well at night is directly correlated with other aspects in your life? Most of us already know that technology can affect the quality of slumber; things like watching TV before bed or sleeping with the television on, keeping your phone on your bedside [...]

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How Lack of Sleep Affects Your Relationships

How Lack of Sleep Affects Your RelationshipsAs I’m sure we’ve all experienced, lack of sleep can affect us in a multitude of ways. Some of the most common, or well-known, ways are feeling irritable, grumpy, having difficulty concentrating, and an inability to handle stress. Poor quality sleep patterns can also make you susceptible to some serious medical conditions, like [...]

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Are You a Lucid Dreamer?

Are You a Lucid Dreamer?Dreams are manifestations of memories and knowledge that is already stored in our minds. Hence why most of the images you see in your dreams are familiar. Of course, there may be some unfamiliar aspects in your dreams as well but they’re more a combination of things you’ve already seen but don’t remember. When you start [...]

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Fascinating Dream Facts

Fascinating Dream FactsDreams can be sad, funny, and sometimes truly bizarre. Dreams are basically narratives and images that our minds create. They can be vivid, and bring about feelings of fear, anxiety, or even tranquility. Sometimes they'll make sense and other times leave you completely confused. While dreams can occur anytime during slumber, the most realistic [...]

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What Type of Mattress Should I Choose?

What Type of Mattress Should I Choose?                                   Did you know that there are several factors that can impact your quality of sleep? The temperature in your bedroom, your partner’s snoring, watching TV before bed, and even your choice of PJ's [...]

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The Scoop on Sleep

The Scoop on SleepSleep is a beautiful thing. And dreaming is one mysterious, and fascinating, aspect of it. Below, you’ll find some intriguing facts about sleep. Enjoy!  People can take cat naps with their eyes wide open without even knowing it.While adults who don't get enough sleep tend to be lethargic, children who don't get enough [...]

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Sleep Cycles and Their Alternatives

Sleep Cycles and Their AlternativesCountless studies have been done all over the world about the benefits of sleep, and whether it’s a quick, 20-minute cat-nap or getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep at night, I’m sure we can all agree that sleeping is nothing short of awesome and we all wish we had more of it. In my research, [...]

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