What should I return?

If an item is not significantly damaged, keep it! A small mark or flaw should be a reason to sell the item rather than reject it.

If an item is significantly damaged, and unsellable, refuse it at the time of delivery if possible. 

Please note compressed mattreses must be decompressed within 90 days of manufacture date. Sell your inventory on a first in, first out basis, and keep an eye on anything compressed. It's a good practice to decompress anything you haven't sold around the 60 day mark, and sell it flat. 

On rare occasion, suppliers may substitute fabrics of an equal or higher quality in order to get beds built and shipped. 

Our Process for Credit Requests


Please inspect each delivery and check off your inventory to make sure you have everything. If you accept the full order, you cannot return any pieces for credit. If someone else is receiving your delivery, please make sure they understand this process.

In the case of a contract driver delivery, when you are unable to return or refuse goods, you should accept them until the supplier is able to take back the goods.

If part of your order is missing, or some of your pieces are damaged and you elect to return them, email the appropriate documentation within 10 business days to the Corporate Office at customerservice@mattressbyappointment.com. We will do our best to issue your credit quickly once we've reviewed your complete documentation, but we expect it should be within 2 business days of your email.

For issues with products that cannot be refused and returned with a driver, please send us an email with your documentation within 24 hours of delivery to alert us to pending credits. Those situations tend to be a little more complicated, so the early heads up makes it so much easier for us.

Please keep in mind that if a mattress is out of the plastic, we will have to follow a modified warranty claim process. Please email us for help. 

If you would rather submit a request using our electronic form, please use the web forms at the bottom of this page for Short Shipment/Missing Goods or Returned or Damaged Goods requests.

Specific Documentation Required

For missing or damaged items, we require the original packing slip signed by the driver. Always have the driver print their name and sign the slip if there's an issue with the delivery.

Please circle the missing or refused items, notate the quantity, and indicate if your goods were “missing” or “damaged” on the packing slip. We need to be able to clearly see what we're looking for.

If your items from Corsicana delivered by JB Hunt were damaged, you must obtain an RG# for the return and note it on the packing slip.

If your BIB items from Diamond were damaged, you must provide a photo of the label on the outside of the box. This includes the law tag information that they will need to issue your credit.

For damaged goods from any supplier, you must always provide photos to claim a credit.

Please note, we will not issue credits for items that were ordered by mistake.

If you have additional questions about this process, please email customerservice@mattressbyappointment.com.

Warranty Training Videos

Discussing Warranty
Where to Find Warranty Information
How to File A Warranty Claim

What is covered under warranty?

Our suppliers warranty cards are the premier source of guidance as to what is covered for your customers, should they feel that they are experiencing an issue.

Download our Complete Guide to Navigating Warranties here:

For other MBA Portal products, please contact customerservice@mattressbyappointment.com

For Malouf warranty claims, please reach out to Dale and his team.

Managing the Potential for Product Issues

There are a few things you can keep in mind during each sale that should help to reduce the likelihood that your customer will experience issues with their purchase:

Try to sell your inventory on a first in, first out basis, so that your oldest piece goes out first, based on PO or manufacturing date.

Make sure to decompress any unsold compressed and rolled mattresses within 3 months from manufacturing date to avoid problems with deflation that can turn a happy customer into a sad one within 24 hours of the sale.

Be mindful of the use and weight that a mattress will be exposed to. If you are selling a primary bedroom mattress to an average to above average sized customer, there are certain models you should avoid to mitigate the risk of body impressions.

Encourage your customers to buy a mattress protector to protect the mattress from stains that would void a potential warranty claim.

Sell in sets. Mattresses need to be supported by foundations, adjustable bases, or platforms. Old box springs that your customers may want to reuse may not be supportive enough depending on the condition, age and construction. We will advocate for our dealers with claims on mattresses not sold as sets, but cannot guarantee supplier approvals.

Handling Potential Warranty Claims

From time-to-time a customer of yours may express concern that their mattress/foundation is not performing as the manufacturer intended. It is important that you address these concerns from an informed perspective. Always remember that there are only two sides to the warranty process - the customer and the supplier (the manufacturer, MBA and you) and that it is not necessary to advocate for the customer as the process is well documented, fair and impartial.

Before we begin, please familiarize yourself with the following details:

A manufacturing and/or material defect within mattresses/foundations are examples of valid reasons for a warranty claim.

A consumer's actual experience regarding comfort will not be covered under the various manufacturer warranty programs nor will any manufacturer's warranty cover misuse or abuse of product. Any stains on the mattress/foundation will automatically void the warranty in all circumstances.

Mattress By Appointment's corporate office team works with the various manufacturers and will approve a warranty claim for your customer where a provable claim can be demonstrated. In order to approve your customer's potential warranty claim in a timely fashion you will need to submit all supporting documentation/photos with the customer's completed warranty claim form in one email to customerservice@mattressbyappointment.com. If you aren't sure how to consolidate everything into an email, use our web form below to submit the customer claim. Processing time for all complete warranty claim submissions is typically 3 business days.

Not all submitted warranty claims will be approved. A warranty claim can only be approved if the documentation and submitted photos support the customer's position that their purchase has experienced a manufacturing or materials defect based on the terms on the Supplier Warranty card. In some cases, better photos or supporting material may be requested.

In some cases, Manufacturer's Warranties begin on the date that the item was constructed as shown on the Consumer Law Tag, not on the date that a customer purchased the item. For example: A CQ Foam only has a 30-day warranty beginning on the manufactured date. However, most warranties will begin on the date of purchase.


Now that you understand examples of valid and invalid warranty claims as well as what to expect when handling a customer's potential claim the first thing you will need to do is to access the Mattress By Appointment Warranty Claim form. This form will be required any time you have a customer with a potential warranty claim.

Review the warranty claim form and take special notice of the required items that must be submitted along with a completed warranty claim form. Those items are:

Pictures of the mattress with no sheets (full length view)

Pictures of the measurement of the impression (see instructions)

Pictures of the law tag attached to the mattress (make sure this is legible)

Pictures of the foundation (remove mattress please)

Pictures of the law tag attached to the foundation (make sure this is legible)

Pictures of the bed rail (with foundation removed)

Photo copy of proof of purchase (customer receipt).

The warranty requires that the customer retain their own copy of the proof of purchase. This policy is no different than any manufacturer.

Once the customer has returned the completed warranty claim form with the required items listed above you are almost ready to submit your warranty claim submission for processing. However, before you do submit this potential claim, please look over what the customer has sent you to verify there are no stains on the mattress/foundation and to be sure that the customer has complied with all manufacturer instructions regarding the type of bedframe used (rigid center support on bedframe for mattresses of queen size or greater. If you forward us an incomplete warranty claim package, we cannot send it to the suppliers and expect to receive an approval or credit. If you send us the complete package from the start, we will be able to help you get your credit as quickly as possible. Having your customer use the web form MAY reduce the likelihood that they supply an incomplete package for review.

If you use the PDF form, once you've reviewed your customer's form and photos/documentation, please compile the warranty claim into one email to customerservice@mattressbyappointment.com. The corporate office team coordinates credits and warranty claims with our suppliers on behalf of dealers on a first in/first out schedule. Having processed many claims, we know what our suppliers require and look for, and can help ensure that your package is complete before it is sent to them for processing.


Post Approval Process and Expectations

Once you receive a pending approval from the Mattress by Appointment team, you can replace the mattress for your customer and retrieve the damaged goods.

It is very important that you wait on further instructions from customerservice@mattressbyappointment.com to ensure your warranty claim credit is processed timely.

Your credit for an approved warranty claim will be based on the original price that you paid for the mattress. 

We expect that your warranty credit will be issued within two business days of supplier approval.

We want your warranty claim process to run as smoothly as possible with your customers, so that you can reduce the stress that comes with angry customers. Please seek the advice of your Mentor if you have any pushback from your customers, or if you have any trouble understanding our process, or what would constitute a qualifying manufacturer defect.

Share this link with your customers for easy input and submission directly to the Credits department: MBAWarrantyClaimForm

Download the PDF Warranty Claim Form here:

MBA Discounted Pricing Tiers

We hope that you love being an MBA dealer and are enjoying the earning potential. In this business, your income is based on your own effort, and the sky is the limit!

We are growing as you grow, and know that you are aiming for higher profit margins each year. We want to help with your margins by offering discounts based on cumulative purchases through the Portal.

Every new dealer starts off at base pricing and is eligible to earn discounts on Lunessence label mattresses based on the following dealer status tiers:

Bronze - $50,000 - $99,999

Silver - $100,000 - $249,999

Gold - $250,000 - $499,999

Platinum - $500,000 - $749,999

Diamond - $750,000 - $999,999

President - $1,000,000 - $1,999,999

Elite - $2,000,000 - $2,999,999

Pinnacle - $3,000,000 +

These are discounts for your location, that YOU earned, so they cant be sold, or combined with another location, as they are attributed to a single location.

The discounted pricing occurs automatically when you cross a threshold, so no need to ask, just focus on growing your business.  


When you became a dealer with Mattress By Appointment, you executed a legally binding contract in regards to products, which you are allowed to sell in your location.

You have agreed to only offer products, and/or services through approved Mattress By Appointment suppliers. Additionally; Mattress By Appointment reserved the right to add, and subtract not only products, but suppliers from time to time.

As a Mattress By Appointment dealer, it is your responsibility to know who our approved suppliers are.

Below, is a list of approved suppliers to Mattress By Appointment.

Approved Product Suppliers

Approved Financing Suppliers

Mattress by Appointment Logos, Files, and Brand Requirements

The following guidelines are intended to ensure that any use of the Mattress By Appointment logo is done so is a manner that is consistent, in all material respects, with the approved registered trademark on file with the US Patent at Trademark Office.

Logos options are jpg and png for both horizontal and vertical

Approved Layouts