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Mattress By Appointment® CEO Edwin Shoffner Partners with Fostering Great Ideas

Posted by Lauren Juarez on

Mattress by Appointment, LLC announced a philanthropic partnership with Fostering Great Ideas, an Upstate, S.C. non-profit focused on improving the lives of children in the foster care system. The two will partner to provide mattresses for these children. This strategic partnership will aid the Sib-Link TM initiative, which aims keep siblings from being separated.

Mattress by Appointment, LLC, owned by Edwin Shoffner, is a national mattress retail business consisting of over 300 locations throughout the United States.

“We are thrilled to join Fostering Great Ideas in their quest to improve the lives of children in the foster care system,” says Shoffner. “At Mattress by Appointment, we believe in the power of transformation, whether it be through enabling owner-opera- tors throughout the country or providing essential quality sleep at an affordable price for customers from coast to coast.”

Shoffner continues, “As a parent, the mission of Fostering Great Ideas speaks to both me and my wife, Tonya. As any parent can attest, quality sleep is important in the lives of children. It plays a significant role in academic performance and provides a sense of stability. But on a fundamental level, having a place to rest your head is profoundly important when life throws so many variables your way. At Mattress by Appointment, we couldn’t imagine not doing everything in our power to help children in need.”

Shoffner and Mattress by Appointment have made a twelve-month commitment of up to fourteen (14) twin sets, twelve (12) full sets, ten (10) queen sets, or eight (8) king sets per month. One twin set traditionally costs upwards of $399, which many foster families cannot afford. Thanks to Mattress by Appointment’s commitment, these families no longer have to worry about providing proper bedding.

For Shoffner and the Mattress by Appointment family, keeping siblings together throughout the foster care process hits home. “One of our Mattress by Appointment dealers was seeking to foster a child, or children,” he says. “They received a call about three siblings, but they were only going to receive the 6-year- old and 4-year- old. Not their 2-month- old sibling.”

Shoffner continues, “Our Mattress by Appointment dealer couldn’t imagine how this would not negatively impact the siblings, so she and her husband asked if the children could stay with their current foster home for two weeks while they prepared their home, took additional steps with family, and gathered the support necessary to ensure they could keep the children together. So, this is very personal to me and my company.”

“Mattress by Appointment’s commitment of mattresses will help enable foster families to take in siblings, not just one child,” says David White, CEO & Founder of Fostering Great Ideas. “With this strategic and generous gift, children will feel emotional security in a comfortable bed with their siblings nearby. The feeling of security is psychologically imperative during this very uncertain time. This gift helps to bring aware- ness, change perspective and shine a light on a new direction forward for vulnerable children. The children matter and the community cares. This is truly a gift that will lead the way.”

About Sib-LinkTM

Unfortunately, many siblings are separated upon entry into the foster care system. Sib- Link TM recognizes the developmental benefits of keeping these relationships bonded and works to keep these siblings in contact. Sib-Link TM arranges visits for the siblings with their ultimate goal of getting them under the same roof. Sibling relationships are important when children undergo a sense of loss and confusion in their identity. Keeping siblings in contact help bridge that gap.

About Fostering Great Ideas

Fostering Great Ideas improves the experience for every child in foster care. Knowing that losses multiply and stress amplifies the longer a child stays in care, their goal is to provide support throughout the foster care journey, ultimately resulting in getting lives back on track. Fostering Great Ideas’ mission is dedicated to improving the lives of children as they struggle in foster care.

About Mattress by Appointment

Mattress by Appointment, LLC, owned by Edwin Shoffner, is a national mattress retail business consisting of over 300 locations throughout the United States. Shoffner broke away from the old and outdated retail business models in order to create a new, transformative model that changes the lives of both consumers and business owners alike. Wanting to make a difference has been a driving force behind Shoffner’s company, which has experienced exponential growth year over year under his leadership.