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"Local Owner Offers New Approach Over Traditional Mattress Stores & Saves Customers 50-80% Off Mattress Retail Store Prices!"

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Since earlier this year Mattress By Appointment has been helping people get great deals on brand new name brand mattresses in Colleyville, TX and the surrounding mid cities area including customers driving from Dallas & Fort Worth for the savings and value. The mattress sales we have going will easily save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of what you might be tempted to spend by going into a big national retail mattress establishment. Typically when a consumer goes out to find a new mattress, they will take a trip into the large mattress retailer that you see on nearly every corner these days. Customers go in not knowing what to expect and with little education on what makes a good mattress. Upon arriving they are greeted by a friendly salesperson who quickly begins the process of “educating” them on all the ins and outs of the modern mattress. Unfortunately this whole “education” process can seem very confusing and even daunting to the average mattress buyer. With all the features and different types of foams, and coils, and springs, and pillowtops, and plush, and memory foam, and the list goes on and on! Of course with so much to know and think about the prices must be outrageous! And they are! So the customer is left to rely on the expertise of the salesperson in making an informed decision on their purchase that might cost as much as a small used car. After all, you will sleep on your new mattress 8 hours a night for the next 8-10 years. So it only makes sense that you would need to spend $3,000 or more on your next mattress right? Not so fast!!

Marketers can be very skilled in creating terms and names for different components that really make something sound more valuable than it is. No doubt that an affordable mattress can be something that is budget friendly for a guest room mattress or a small childs mattress. Although these may not be the right choice for a mattress for a daily sleeper for an adult, you can get something that fits your budget no matter what your needs by coming in to Mattress By Appointment Colleyville. Foam is foam whether you call it ultra fluffy cloud foam, diamond encrusted gel foam, or super supportive comfy foam. The reality is that manufacturers have different foams that will feel anywhere from a soft to a medium to a firm feel, and the way the foam is layered can create different feels for different mattresses. But truly the most important feature when choosing a new mattress is how it comfortable feels to you. Once you get to the premium grade materials in a mattress, the rest is just “Fluff.”

We have customers all the time that come in to compare our premium mattresses to the mattress they have looked at in the big box store.

Often they are being quoted $3000-$5000 for a premium mattress. We can usually save them well over $2500 or more for a comparable set! Not only that, but often they like the feel of our Mattress By Appointment Branded (Private label made by some of the top manufacturers in the country) mattresses better than the one they looked at elsewhere.

We don’t have a fancy showroom with all the balloons and banners. We just have a small quaint shop located at the end of Industrial Blvd where you can try out your mattress. We meet one on one by appointment only. This gives our customers all the time they need to test the mattresses without feeling any pressure. Since we are just a small family operated business you will be extremely satisfied with the service you receive.

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We are located at 1904 Industrial Blvd #102, Colleyville, TX 76034

Call us anytime at 469-319-0066