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Bedroom Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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Feng Shui principles have impacted many generations. This ancient practice is rooted in placement, tone, position, and space. Not only is the position of your home of importance, but the environment such as your landscape is of the upmost important as well.  If you wish to have optimal CHI or good energy flowing throughout your home, it is important to follow the guidelines below. The bedroom is one of the most important places for Feng Shui principles to take place. Doing so can impact your over sleep recovery and rejuvenation dramatically. Just as removing clutter in your mind helps you think clearer, Feng Shui helps remove the clutter in your home so that a fresh perspective can be the primary goal. By understanding the placement of your bedroom you can create the optimal environment for rest and recuperation.

Feeling rested has a lot to do with the quality and quantity of your sleep. Aside from stress and other emotional factors that cause sleepless nights, there are many external factors. A cluttered home can interrupting how well you sleep and how fast you fall asleep.

Because sleeping habits differ from individuals, some of these tips may work wonders for some but not the others.

Bedroom Location

1. Choose Bedrooms at the Back-End of the House

By “back-end of the house,” I mean the sections of the home that’s close to the backyard (or at the opposite end from the street).

The main reason is that bedrooms at the back-end are usually much more quiet. Your sleep is less likely to be disrupted from the sound and movement of anything that roams in front of the house, which includes both human and automobile traffic. Because of this, you will also enjoy higher levels of privacy.

2. Avoid Bedrooms at the top of the garage

Your sleep can be disrupted by a variety of factors, including the smell of car exhaust, noise from garage door movements, insects that creeps into your bedroom, and warmer bedroom temperatures. If these four factors are non-existent, your bedroom’s feng shui location should be fine. 

3. Avoid Bedrooms Under Highly Active Areas

Active areas can include restrooms, entertainment rooms, or other areas where humans are active instead of sleeping peacefully. This usually does not apply to apartments and high-rises, because the bedroom is likely below another bedroom, and the flooring is usually thick and sound-proof.

However, single family homes are a different story. If your bedroom is right under a restroom, your sleep can be interrupted whenever someone flushes the toilet. Or, if you live right under a room of a teenager who has a different sleep schedule, their movements, music, or other activities can keep you awake all night.

4. Don’t Oversize Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is too large, you may wake up tired even if you get a full eight hours of sleep. From the people that I’ve talked to, I’ve learned that some people feel find it hard to fully relax in extremely large bedrooms.

While each bedroom feng shui energy is quite unique because of the dynamic between the placement (and dimensions) of windows and doors, there are still several good feng shui bedroom layouts you can follow to assure a good foundation for your bedroom.

3 Best Feng Shui Bedroom Layouts:

Let’s look at the 3 best feng shui bedroom layouts, understand what makes them so, as well as define variations of each good feng shui bedroom layout.

Why is this important? Well, because sometimes you might not be able to position the bed exactly as shown in the diagrams below, so it is good to know the extent to which you can modify each good feng shui bedroom layout.

#1 Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

The #1 good feng shui bedroom layout is with the so-called feng shui commanding position of the bed. A bed in a feng shui commanding position is placed diagonally from the bedroom door and has a solid wall behind it.

It has a good solid headboard, good grounding energy on both sides (the nightstands do not have to be identical, not at all, you can be as creative as you fee like but be sure the bed is supported/grounded on both sides.)

#2 Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

The second best feng shui bedroom layout has the door to the side but the bed is still further away from the door, has a solid wall behind it and good grounding energy on both sides.

Notice the biggest piece of furniture is again balancing the energy well (visualize a triangle between the two nightstands and the chest of drawers, this shows you the best furniture layout for a bedroom).

#3 Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

The third option of a good feng shui bedroom layout has the bed on the same wall as the door (or the nearby wall), but with the bed being well protected and grounded.

If this is the layout that is most suitable for your space, be sure you leave as much space as possible between the door and the bed, while still allowing enough room for the second nightstand (the one on the side further from the door.)